i like to tweet

I've had Twitter for a long time...but only recently have I become an avid "tweeter". I love it. I love re-tweeting the most. People say some really amazing things. Instead of continuing to blow up my twitter, I'll post some of my favorites of today on here so that I can laugh at them later when I'm bored or depressed.

But first, I just gotta say it. I think I might finally be over the basketball scene for a minute. I mean, I'm pretty sure that SUU girls lost by 30 points tonight and it's just getting to be a little too depressing for me. The only good part of the game tonight was the dude that got kicked out because he was yelling at the ref. I cheered for the dude because the ref was a total dick.

Lets be real, I'm sure I'll be ready for more b-ball in the morning when I wake up refreshed...but until then, I'm over it. Maybe I'll focus on the Jazz now......ha ha.

I guess I already re-tweeted all the cool tweets for tonight...but maybe someday I'll post some on here...

Today I'm grateful:

  • that I got to hang out with Enna and Ape at the b-ball game. i got a little crazy and i'm grateful they didn't disown me..
  • that Calv is cuddled up next to me. he's the best kitty in the world.
  • that i got plenty of sleep today. ah yes, love days off work. 
  • that i went running! feels amazing!
  • for lettuce wraps and carrots. nom nom nom..
  • i have a diet coke w/ vanilla next to me. heavenly...
  • that the fridge and stove work...the lights and one side of the kitchen outlets are currently MIA. 
  • to have indoor plumbing. furreal, it's way too cold to go outside to take a dump....
  • that i woke my ass up in time to clean the house a little bit. pretty sure i swept up like 2 pound of cat litter....gag.
  • for loveeeeee
  • that i am meeting new friends
  • that i can wear socks with my new sandals. don't judge me. 

HaPpy Tuesday. 

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