So since I usually post everyday and it's been a couple weeks I guess it's time for an update.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty good and I'm still plugging away at life. I've really done a lot of fun things and I've also done a lot of things I didn't really want to do, but am glad I did them anyway. One of those things was my family reunion. If you remember, I did not want to go. At all. I was dreading it for the longest time and I'm really not sure why except that it's awkward to see 76 random people who know mostly everything about me, but not really me at all.

Anyway, the reunion was fun. I am glad I went and got to see all my cousin and their adorable children. It was a thousand times less stressful and awful than I was expecting and really, I'm just a drama queen.

I've just been working and trying to get my DUI stuff finished up before the summer is gone. I'm not going to lie, I've not been this frustrated with something in a long time. I know it's my fault that I got the DUI. I really, really do. What I do not understand is why no one who works at the DMV or the Drivers license division knows what the hell is going on? Am I really the first person in Cedar City to get a DUI??? Really???? Why is it so difficult to get one minor task accomplished and getting sent from building to building just to find I'm going in circles?

Oh, and I guess I shouldn't say everyone who works for the DMV and DLD are incompetent...there is one girl who actually has a brain that I've met thus far...Thanks to her. I wish I knew her name because I'd probably send her cookies or diet coke or something for trying to make my life a little easier the 4 times I saw her today. I'd at least give her a thumbs up. Thanks DMV girl, I love you. The rest of you suck. The end.

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkk

Welcome to my new blog. The other one has been saved and moved to a new location, just in case I decided I ever want to read it again. This blog will be very similar, if not that same, so I'm not really sure why I am doing it...but I miss blogging, so I'm back.

Hope you're as happy as I am about it!