My Life Soundtrack: Updated

Do you have a life soundtrack? I do. I've had it for a few years and every so often, I love a song enough to add it to the playlist. Today I finally deleted a few songs that I feel no longer have a place in my life and added some, too. Although there is no particular order at this time, I think that maybe someday I'll put them in an order that goes along with my life...for now, here they are:

  • Nobody Knows Me At All by The Weepies:

This could be my life song all by itself, so naturally it's on my life soundtrack. I love this song and have played it millions of times, I'm sure. "I don't give a damn, I'm happy as a clam".

  • Mint Car by The Cure:
There are no words for how happy this song makes me feel. I hear it and can't help but smile. I have so many good memories connected with this song and so many wonderful people that it makes me think of when I hear it playing. This will be a lifer on my list, I'm sure. Once upon a time I wanted it to be my wedding song...I wasn't even dating anyone. Now I just want it to be my life theme song! Screw weddings. ha 

  • She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5:
I have the acoustic version on my life soundtrack. I'm not sure why, but since the first time I heard this song I just fell in love. I almost took it off my list, but decided that I could keep it for now. Maybe someday I'll take it off, but for now it'll stay. 

  • There She Goes by Sixpence None the Richer
I have no clue why I love this song. Well, I do...It just makes me happy. I like having a crush; this song reminds me of such...

  • Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
I just love it. Reminds me of happy times and good people. 

  • Someday You Will Be Loved by Death  Cab for Cutie
Whenever I break up with someone, I put this song on replay. For weeks. I figure that since I seem to break up an awful lot, this should be part of my soundtrack. It's a really good song, too. 

  • You Wouldn't Like Me by Tegan and Sara
Sometimes I don't like myself. Sometimes I just love Teg and Sar. 

  • Hysteric by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I love everything about this song. I could listen to this song on repeat for months...oh wait, I have. 

  • Brighter Than Sunshine by Auqalung 
This is from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Lot Like Love. Don't judge, it's a good movie and I love this song. I guess it gives me hope that someday I'll fall in love. Maybe? 

  • Bad Poetry by Ben Lee
I used to sing this to Jordan and since she's kind of a big part of who I am today, I figured it should be on my list. I don't know how long or for what reasons it will stay, but for now, I just really love it. It reminds me of when we were happy together and in love. 

  • Alligator by Tegan and Sara
<3 Story of my life. 

  • Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee
Because I do? I donno, I just love this song. 

  • The Believer by Neil Young
I dedicate this to myself sometimes when I'm feeling like a depressed little betch. It works, so I keep it. : ) I could listen to this all day. 

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