you kiss my smile, i'll pull you closer...just gettin' to know ya.

So, I have this friend named Jack. He happens to be my iPod; he holds 80 gigs and he's pretty much the coolest dude (thing) ever. He currently holds 5000 songs, a few pictures that I no longer care to look at, and a few games that I don't know how to play. You see, Jack used to be in a relationship with Limewire. They were the best of friends, always sharing. And then one day a law was passed; Jack and Limewire could no longer be together. Jack has been a lonely sucker for a while now...

Well, luckily for Jack, I set him up with iTunes and so far, it's love at first sight. Jack is getting lots of TLC. The only downside is that dating is so expensive these days. It has been far too long since Jack (or I) had been on a date and now it's all coming back. Not sure how we'll afford to keep up this relationship, but we'll do our best. For now, Jack and iTunes are going strong...and I don't foresee a break-up anytime in the near future..

So, here's the top ten songs from....well, yesterday [in no particular order]  <3

  • Toms Diner by Suzanne Vega & D.N.A.
  • Loving You Tonight by Andrew Allen
  • Paradise (acoustic version) by Tyler Ward
  • Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse
  • Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave
  • Ships in the Night by Mat Kearney 
  • We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) by Fun. 
  • Say You Like Me by We Are Kings
  • Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
  • Blood by The Middle East

He'll be getting a photo update soon. I have lots of awesomeness for him. Maybe I'll post some of them here, too. For now, Jack and I are both happy. Especially me. New music = heaven. 

Thanks to iTunes for making us both feel like new people. Oh and I'll keep downloading the "Free song of the week" each week...even if I hate it. 

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