to whom it may concern

Sorry my blog is lacking in updates and content lately. I always think of things I should blog about in the middle of the night or at other random times throughout the day, and then when I'm here trying to blog I have a brain fart.

Maybe someday I'll be smart and carry a pen with me. But if you know me, you know that will never, ever happen.


FML status

Today was a bummer day in my world due to the snow. Yep, that's right, it snowed today for the first time this winter. Barf.

I guess now I can look forward to spring without jumping the gun too much! And at least

JAZZZZZZ Season is here now.

I guess my life isn't so bad.


a little ECRC lovin'

I know you've all been dying to know what I have found out about the Enoch City Recreational Complex and you may be a tad bit disappointed when I tell you this post really doesn't have to do with it.

It's funny. It's in Enoch. And I like the ECRC. So I thought I'd combine them.
Anyway, earlier today April and I were driving in Enoch on our daily rounds of the ol' town and noticed this sign for the first time. Is it new? Or have we blindly driven by it a million times? One will never know, but I laughed my little ass off all the same!

Stop weeds? What?! Is there a weed control team or what?!

I love Enoch.
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i should really not be blogging...

But who are we kidding?! I would rather do almost anything than my homework usually.

So here we are...another last night of absolutely nothingness that I love so much.


birthday shout out to my co-blogger of jazzy hoes, Lindsey

Hope you have a happy 24th ya Jazzy Hoe. 



ECRC (and for you losers who don't know what the means, it's Enoch City Rec. Complex. Duh)

After numerous attempts to contact the ECRC committee to get the latest updates with no success, I'll just have to keep you readers on your tippy toes a little longer. I guess it's come down to the point where I'm either going to have to forfit this section of my blog, or get down and dirty and do some of the work myself.

Since I'm Jill and I never give up, I've chosen to dig deeper, go farther, and all that good stuff. This weeks update=lame. But if you can give me until next Monday, I promise you won't regret it.

For now, enjoy your week and good day!

new updates on Jazzy Hoe blog

There are some new updates to the www.jazzyhoes.blogspot.com blog, so check them out!

Also, we have some really exciting news coming up. You won't wanna miss it. Check back soon for more updates!! xoxo


TGIF, Monsters, and no sleep...

Yay. Finally. Freaking. Friday. 

I got like 3.3 hours of sleep last night and if you know me, you know that I'm going to either cry a lot today or be the biggest bitch on the planet and quite possibly both.

On a different note, I'm about to send Enna the second letter since she's been gone. If you know me, you also know this is a huge accomplishment considering one of my best friends has been gone since June and I've yet to write her once. Yeah, I'm a bad friend sometimes. And I'm a sucky letter writer. Sue me.

I just finished the final touches on a paper that's due this morning. I'm not sure how I feel about it; I'm sure I could do a much better job but this will have to do.

I'm going to go drink 5 Monsters now. And tonight, maybe I'll go see Wild Things just to live on the edge..and stuff. Hope your weekend rocks.

*oh and look forward to my Monday Madness post...it's gonna be a good one. I can feel it.


at this very moment...

  • i should be writing a paper
  • i should be sleeping
  • i should be studying for my mid-term tomorrow
  • i should be working on a presentation 
  • i should be being productive
 but instead...
  • i am f-booking
  • i am blogging...
  • i am daydreaming about winter break and not having school.
  • i am wishing i was sleeping.
  • i am doing everything in my power not to be productive.
  • i am about to go crazy because i procrastinate so much.
  • i am going to sign out of blogger and use my brain on something worthwhile.

do you believe in magic and soulmates?

I don't believe in magic. And I don't know if I believe in soul mates, either. Regardless though, of whether or not I believe in soul mates, it's a nice, happy thought. 
I came across this quote a few months ago and was reminded of it today: 
Somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you, at incredible speed, traveling day and night, through blizzards and desert heat,   across torrents, through narrow passes. But will he know where to find you, recognize you when he sees you?
by John Ashbery (Taken from his poem At North Farm)

That quote makes me think about everyone I know. And everyone that I have yet to meet. It's kind of crazy thinking about how many millions of people there are in this world and that just one could be meant for me. Maybe I'll try and take on a more optimistic outlook on the soul mate front and be more open to the idea. 

Wouldn't life be great if your "soul mate" was just written down somewhere and all you had to do was give them a call and everything would obviously work out peachy for the two of you. And naturally you'd live happily ever after...

oh and i apologize i'm an unromantic freak. :)


kissing with Jill: 1010

A kiss is a kiss...Or is it? Sometimes I wonder why it's so much fun to kiss some people and so awful to kiss others?

Note: This is just me thinking at 4am. Lets not read too much into this post, okay? :)

I'm not going to lie, I've kissed a lot of people in my day. I'm not ashamed and I'm not bragging, it's just a fact. It's weird how sometimes there is an insta connection (what we like to call chemistry) and sometimes there is an insta turn-off.
I'm waiting for the day that I am with someone who I can actually like and have chemistry with. So far it seems I've got one or the other, but not both--here's to hoping that one day it'll happen.

Top 5 things I require to be satisfied with a kiss:
1. No cold sores. Or any sores at all. I might love you, but I don't have to like you (or your sore).

2. Don't drool on me, please and thank you. You aren't a baby, keep it under control.

3. Chapstick is rad. Use it. I don't wanna eat your dead lip skin.

4. Lets be comfortable with one another. I guess I don't need to know your name as long as I feel okay about being with you...

5. Take it easy. My face isn't food and you're not starving. Just relax.

Over the past couple of years I had decided that I didn't like to cuddle, be touched, etc. I have recently decided to revoke that notion. I like it.


flashback Tuesday: physical contact levels with Jill

I first came up with this post about a year ago and if you want to see the older version you can click HERE. Even if you've read the levels of physical contact before, read it again for pleasure and to see where you are currently standing in my world of no contact.Here we go:

I've never been a touchy feely kind of person and I have never really understood those that are. For instance, in middle school I had friends who would run down the hall to hug me after being separated for 45 whole minutes. I would always dodge them or just hug them to be nice--secretly I thought they were crazy...and I still do!

I've decided there are different levels of physical contact that I have in my life. Most people have certain "bubbles" or "personal space" they need to have to feel comfortable. I've been told that not only do I have a "big bubble", I have my own planet. [I'm happy to inform everyone that after writing this over a year ago, my bubble has definitely expanded. I enjoy touching much more than I did then, however, I still hold to my levels of physical contact! I have added a few new levels as well, so watch out for those!!!]

Here we go:

The new level 1 of Jill's physical contact doesn't include any contact, just a little creep smile. This is when it's just too hard to do a genuine smile, you're really grossed out, or you can't think of anything else to do. If you've never received anything but a creep smile from me, it'd be cool if you left me alone now. Please and thank you.

The I-don't-wanna-touch-you-cause-I-might-get-a-disease THUMBS up! This pretty much sums up level 2. If you've ever receieved a thumbs up, but nothing more from me, you should probably shower or something. I might still like you, but I might just not wanna touch you. For instance, this one would be used for my good pal, Ern Dog at the Depot. Love his guts, but don't really wanna touch him. I love thumbs up though. So I'm not gonna lie, I use it quite often even on folks I'd lick.

Super less awkward than a handshake (because honestly who does that these days) and way better than actually touching a stranger. Enough said....

Although slightly awkward the first time, the infamous finger touch makes for a slightly romantic, non-threatening way of showing affection. Since the creation of the finger touch over a year ago, I have stopped using this one as much due to new friends, co-workers, and aquintances. I'm totally gonna bring this baby back though! Watch out everyone! Finger touches all around!

                                                                       LEVEL 5: FULL-HAND TOUCH
The finger touch can only last so long...so the hand touch makes for a nice upgrade. Make sure you feel comfortable before moving to this step. It can get a little intense, but so worth it. 

                                                                                     LEVEL 6:  AWKWARD SIDE HUG
This is the awkward side hug. The kind that happens when one, or both people involved feel uncomfortable or unsure of what to do. I find this happening to me more often than is probably necessary or even humanly possible. (Probably why I have officially coined the "finger" and "hand" touch moves). Don't feel bad if I'm awkward when I hug you, I am awkard about 88% of the time anyway...

Believe it or not, a few people actually fit into the "free hug" category with me. Once you're in, you're in and it's hard to get out (Ask my sister). I love hugging people that I love. Now that Anne will be gone for like 2 years I have no idea what I'm going to do besides squeeze the shiz outta Joey Bear. 

Kissing. I do enjoy kissing quite a lot. And a few people also fit into this level. Lucky if you're one of them! Too bad if you're not! 
(There is currently no one in this category. At least not after tomorrow when the sis leaves. I guess a year ago I was gettin' a lot more action than I am now...boo for that.)

The last and most intense level is licking. Air licks, real licks, any kind of licks. I give out licks fairly freely among my close friends and family members, much to their dismay. I've even got Joey (little bro) doing air licks now...he's such a bad ass. Love it. I'm happy to report that even a year later I'm still handin' out air licks like candy on Halloween. You know you want one...

So there you have it. Rate yourself on my physical contact scale to measure our friendship. If you're not pleased on where we are on the scale, let me know and I'll probably air lick you.


my little baby sister is leaving...

wtf am i am going to do without Enna Bear? fml.

but really, I'll miss the shit out of Anne. She's gonna have a rockin' good time in the big Philippines: eating dog, chasing spiders bigger than our ex-pet dog Teenie, maybe teachin' some peeps about God.

Pretty sure no matter what goes down in the big P, Anne will do great cause she takes after me and she's freakin' awesome. Go kick some ass  butt!


neglectful jill is here

Dear Bloggie,
Sorry that I keep updating my Jazzy Hoe blog instead of you. I'll try harder to keep you going as well.



Invisible Children Documentary

 Since it's been a good while since I blogged about something that I care a lot about, I've decided to spotlight the Invisible Children of Northern Uganda. If you don't know about these children, you're missing out. Take the time to watch this documentary. It's well worth the time.

You can watch the documentary  by click on the link below:

Invisible Children Documentary


JAZZY HOES IN THE 84270 and beyond!

If you're wondering what in the world a JAZZY HOE is, please go to the newest blog creation and find out! Although I'd love to take full credit for this blog, I need to thank my co-creator, Lindsey....or Jazzmine, for all her hard work as well. Now enjoy!

You won't be disappointed. Trussssssssst me. :)

250 Days of Summer and sister sleepovers

Last night Enna and I attempted to watched her newest fav movie 500 Days of Summer. We only made it half way but it was cute. :) I'll finish the rest today, I'm sure.

We were busy cuddling, licking, punching, laughing and doing what we do best, not sleeping. Finally I had to go sleep in my own bed. It reminded me of my childhood.

I used to beg Anne to have sleepovers with me and she would always give in because she's cool like that. Anyway, after about an hour of fighting in bed I would want to sleep by myself but she would always get so mad and never want to leave so then it'd turn into a huge fight. I guess I'm just not meant to have a bed partner. Damn. It was fun anyway, Enna Poo.

I'll sure miss her while she's gone.

Michael Jackson, RIP would ya?

Trust me. My sister just wrote a blog and you'll wanna read it. It's about MJ and Joey...it's a good one!

new age thugs

Since today is Thug Thursday, I decided to show you what's up in the new world of thugging. No longer is it cool to be a Thug in real life because E-thugging has really started to take off. And can you blame the little wiggers?? E-Thug for life, man!


um, wigga wednesday?!

If this doesn't make you happy-sad, I don't know what will? Poor individual. I mean, I know we all have our off days...but couldn't they let her do a re-take. The chick was bawling and probably needed a breathe of air. Eff you CCPD. 

Eff you...

1 week of Enna

My baby sis leaves in one week. :( Imma miss her little guts, but I know she'll have a fantastic time in the Philippines! 
Love you, Enna Bear!

Enoch City Rec Complex: Phase Three

I know you're all dying to know the latest update on the Recreational Complex, so I've driven out to inspect the grounds to look for any possible signs of work. At first I thought I noticed a few weeds missing, but I think maybe the wind just blew them away.


nothing has changed. yay, Enoch.

There's still an empty field with no sign of Recreational anything going on.

Keep your fingers crossed for next week. The upcoming snow is really going to put a damper on all the exciting progress I see going on out there.


R.I.P. Jackson Lynard Decker

Jack was a good iPod and is already very missed. I'm not sure how he died, but he's gone. I guess if he reapprears I'll have a party for him.
Either way, I love you Jackie Boy.

sleeping pills, grandmas, and school

I guess I'm turning into a grandma or something, but pretty sure I've either been in bed by 10:00pm every night or wanting to be in bed by then. I used to like nights. I was a night owl.

I blame school. I hate waking up every morning before 7:00am. I hate going to class to watch the freaking Discovery Channel. I could do that at home, thanks. And I would do it at 1:00am if I didn't have to wake my happy little ass up so early in the morning. Boo for stupid classes and waking up early.

P.S. I don't hate all my classes...just Diversity. My least "diverse" class. WTF.

P.P.S. This grandma is a legit drug user. I looked her up online. She's from FL. Maybe someday I'll end up looking that sexy...one can only dream!


if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it...

my dad asked me if i pierced my nose because i didn't have a ring on my finger? WTF?

hey dad,
 no. I didn't pierce my nose because I'm sad I'm not married. That's not my goal in life.  I pierced my nose because I like it and I think it's cute. 

Warm regards,
your daughter, Jill

i believe...

  • that lavender lotion is the way to go.
  • babies are one of the cutest things on earth.
  • ice water on a hot day is superb.
  • diet coke with vanilla is one of the most delicious things on earth.
  • people can have differing opinions on almost everything and still get along.
  • people can have almost identical opinions on everything and not get along.
  • school is not so much about learning as it is following directions and being a little cookie cutter.
  • that one's intelligence level should not be measured by grades.
  • that some people take way too much offense with things that aren't meant offensively.
  • snow is of the devil.
  • the wind is punishment from the gods.

mondays rock

My stomach is eating itself I'm so hungry and I can't eat until noon. Why, you ask? Because it's Monday and I forgot to eat before school or bring money to buy junk to eat.

I do, however, have a blue monster energy drink. Maybe that'll help. Also, after digging in my backpack I found some leftover gummy worms.

Nothing like stomach acid, blue monster, and gummy worms to start a day off right.


i'm gonna sleep now just in case they don't allow that in hell

Have you ever heard people say, "I don't need sleep. I'll sleep when I die"? Chh. I hate that saying. I don't believe that sleep is overrated, unimportant, or a waste of time. Sleep is important, especially if you want me to be cheerful, upbeat, and kind.

PLUS, what if they won't let me sleep in hell???? Then what? All I'm saying is that I'm gonna make sure I get enough sleep while I can because I happen to enjoy it.



Okay, so if you'll remember the ENOCH CITY REC. COMPLEX (bahahhahaha, still hilariously funny), here's the update. If you didn't read the first one, you can read it HERE.

Well here we are just a week and half later and the place is booming. Seriously, like outta control!

Oh wait, my bad...must have been only in my dreams. This is all we got for now folks! Maybe next week!

we need those sprinklers installed ASAP.