we're alive!

  • The kid, the cat, and I are still alive and kicking. It's been an intense week, for sure. Today we kinda took the day off from life and had a "fun" day- no school, just fun. I'm glad we did; I think it was much needed. 
  • April is a lifesaver. Seriously though...Thanks Ape. You're a great co-parent. Sorry I'm a slacker of a mom! 
  • "D" is so smart! I love hanging out with a 4th grader who is so interested in learning new things all the time. It makes me think about things in a new way...pretty cool. 
  • I got to cuddle with my baby Calv this morning. I miss his little guts. Can't wait to snuggle with him tomorrow. 
  • "D" played by himself so I could get some rest this morning after work. He's really a great kid. 
  • I have a warm place to sleep, a cute cat (not Calv) to cuddle with, and food to eat. 
Life is crazy, wonderful, and full of surprises! 

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