People are amazing and cancer can kiss my ass!

On Wednesday I was invited to go to the CHS vs. Canyon View basketball game with April and the Harwood family. Bo Harwood has cancer and they were giving him an award at halftime. Bo is seriously amazing and I have been very impressed by his optimism during all of this. I was thinking they were going to give him like 500 dollars or something...but when they gave him 4000 dollars I started crying. That is the coolest thing ever! His medical expenses will be 10000x that, but seriously, he got diagnosed almost one month ago and they have already given him close to 5000 dollars total. People are really amazing and good. I was touched.

They also gave another lady 4000 dollars. Her story broke my heart. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with her 2nd child. They started doing chemo and the baby was born. He's now happy and healthy; she found out she has brain and liver cancer to add to the list. They have given her 3-6 months to live. :( I couldn't help but just feel so sorry for her. I feel so sad for her little babies and her husband. I can't imagine...It almost made it even harder to see how happy she and her family were....like, wouldn't it be better if they hated each other and she was miserable right now? That kind of strength amazes me and I hope to have even a tiny bit of it someday...

After seeing two people who could (and by all rights should) be miserable, depressed, angry people who were actually two of the most optimistic and happy people I've ever seen, I was sincerely grateful for my health. I can't imagine going through chemo, losing my hair (vain, i know), being sick constantly, and knowing that I was on my death bed. I would, I think, be a miserable piece of shit if I were in that position.

Oh, and on top of all that, I just found out about this: Fight Like a Girl

It's a benefit concert for 4 young girls who live in Cedar City that have cancer. OMG, talk about heartbreaking. If you're in Cedar, you should come out and support this wonderful event. I love how generous people are and how much they are willing to do for others. Everyday I'm amazed at how good people genuinely are...
I love people. Cancer, not so much. 

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