life is good and so is diet coke

Today I'm grateful:
  • that I got plenty of rest before coming to work tonight. bonus in my world.
  • for learning how to be true to myself and my values. 
  • that I got to spend time with some friends tonight before work.
  • that I can remember what I did last night. Maybe it wasn't the most exciting night of my life, but I had fun and I didn't feel like death today. 
  • for my little Calvin. I just love him.
  • Joey D.--best brother ever. 
  • that the NBA is back. 
  • to so many different people for so many different reasons. i think everything happens for a reason. 
  • to know that I am loved. 
  • for diet coke. yum. 
  • scrabble/words with friends- fantastic. 
  • love
  • for lessons learned...even if they suck in the process. 
  • my friends blogs. i love reading them. 
  • the heater seems to be working tonight. great. 
  • no snow for days now! 
  • a warm house, food to eat, and lots of good people. 
Hope your second day of 2012 is amazing! Mine is gonna be awesome!! I have the day off (once I leave work in a few hours) and I plan to do lots of fun stuff. :)

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