this week in review:

  • basketball games! 
  • clipped calv's nails (they still hurt, but not as badly)
  • took care of a young child and played more nintendo in a matter of 2 days than in my entire life...or close to it! 
  • got to see britt's cute apartment!! and her cute puppy! And her! it's been way too long!
  • went to dinner with friends
  • hung out with my bestie---while we co-parented. 
  • cleaned out more litter boxes than i would have liked...
  • snuggled with my baby calv <3
  • did laundry every day. i thought i did laundry a lot with just me...add a kid to it and it's just insane! 
  • got my jewelry organized....well, started anyway....
  • cried a lot. 
  • laughed a lot. 
  • had a "parent" teacher conference with a principal....
  • tucked a cute little guy into bed every night and kissed his stuffed animals goodnight. :) 
  • read lots of fun books meant for 4th graders 
  • went to the library
  • got into a few bitch fights.....
  • went to st. george (x2)
  • got pulled over for not blinking for 3 seconds before i turned?? 
  • hung out with WW2 vets @ lins....
  • ate lots of frozen pizza and frozen yogurt. 
  • bought new running shoes
  • went RUNNING!!! (for the first time in....at least 2 years, i swear...) and wow....better keep doing that because it felt wonderful! 
  • took a day off work, finally. 
  • took calv on a "day" adventure to a new house.....he was fine but the other cat freaked. cat wars=not fun
  • didn't have time to miss you; it was really nice...i'm gonna have to try that again next week. furreal. 
  • saw my sister for the first time in ....a while. <3 
  • pedicure 
  • fell in love all over again with Ray Jones Jr.....ha ha
So glad this week is (almost) over! Crazy amounts of stress + very little sleep + hurting heart= Crazy Jill. Totally ready for whatever the next week has got in store! Bring it on!! 

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