Warning: don't read if you don't want to read mushy stuff

I'm feeling lucky tonight. I have so much to be grateful for and so many wonderful people in my life (and kitties).

I am especially grateful for Sof.  She is a bomb cook. Especially grilled cheese; that's a big plus. She does my dishes and makes my bed after I run out the door for school (when she's here, of course); she folds my laundry, too. Sof even goes to basketball games with me even though it's not really her thing- or at least it wasn't her thing...maybe it's growing on her these days.

I am a crazy, usually-way-too-tired-to-be-alive, bitchy lady and she is always so calm and nice. She's laid back when I'm being anxious and uptight. I like that. When I want to have a "craft" night, she goes along with it. And when I ask her to paint random things, she does it. She always makes me cute and very thoughtful gifts- that's my favorite.

Sof will go on crazy adventures with me. I love driving with her and just talking/jamming to music. I would go anywhere with her.

Oh and even though she hates feet, she gave me a foot massage. If that's not rad, I dunno what is...

We won't even talk about when she popped my zit.

Mostly, I'm just lucky to have such a thoughtful, amazing girlfriend. I never thought life could be so good! I could go on- but we don't want to get too mushy or anything.
Sorry if you already threw up...


my other full-time job

The past three days have been spent in the SUU Centrum Arena, my bed (for shorter time than I would like or need), and work.

Today alone I spent 8 hours (yes, 8) watching basketball. I didn't leave the building once. Mostly because it was snowing and I didn't want to go out in it; also because there was basketball going on and I wanted to watch.

I can honestly say that I'm tired of watching basketball. I think partly it's because after watching basketball all day I didn't get to go home and crawl in bed- I came to work instead. I feel like I have three full-time jobs (work, school and basketball) and I don't want to do any of them right now.

Oh well, the past 3 days have been glorious. I'm counting down the hours until Monday when I get to sleep.



Today I am the happiest I've been in years. Not just today. But in general. I am busy and I like it, even though sometimes I'm a huge nightmare. And I have also had to learn that I can't please everyone. Sometimes I need sleep. Or a day off. And sometimes other people don't understand that, which is understandable. My family, close friends and girlfriend have all been very supportive and understanding though...and that's what is important to me.

Sof came to Cedar last Wednesday and stayed up Tuesday this week! It was so much fun to have her here and to get to spend so much time together. I wish she was here all the time!! We spent a few hours driving on Sunday and ended up in Parowan and then in Colorado City, Arizona. Weird, but so much fun. I love adventures with her. I love anything with her, actually.

My grandpa turned 90 on Wednesday so Buddy and I took my grandma and grandpa to lunch at their favorite place- Sizzler. I can't say that I had ever been there, but it wasn't terrible and it was cute to see how excited my grandparents were to get out of the house. After lunch (I was running on 36 hours of no sleep and wanted to crawl in a hole) my grandpa wanted to go for a drive; I really did not want to go. Since it was his birthday, I sucked it up and we went for an hour and a half drive. It was so much fun and I'm so, so glad that I didn't pick sleep over time with him. It turned out to be a very simple and wonderful day.

When I woke up this morning I had this feeling that I should go visit my grandparents. I usually see them a few times a week but lately it's really hit me that they won't be here forever and I need to spend as much time as possible with them right now. I went up to their house to say hello before I was supposed to go to class. When I walked in my grandpa thought we were going for a drive and got so excited- I couldn't let him down, so I ditched class and we took an hour cruise. He lost his drivers license a year ago- and I think that took part of his soul. That man loves driving! I love it too, so it works out. I don't regret missing class at all.

After my class got out at 8pm tonight I heard basketball in the centrum at SUU- so I went in and watched the last half of a game alone (true loser fashion). It was the 2A State play offs today. April came and joined me for the last game and then I came to work. I should have been doing homework all night but instead I played Temple Run and fake slots on Facebook. Oops.

I'm sure if you're still reading this you're bored out of your mind but that's okay...I don't want to forget how happy I am right now and so I'm writing it down.

The next few weeks are going to be a crazy mess of projects for school, working overtime, basketball games ( I need them for my sanity. ha ), and then a nice vacation with April for spring break. Sometimes (like everyday, at least once) I want to give up. Sometimes life is overwhelming to me and it doesn't seem like I'm going anywhere or that all this work is worth it...and then I look at where I was less than 2 years ago and I'm so grateful. I know it's cheesy but I don't care- I'm so grateful for my life today!! I wouldn't change it for anything.

A lot of my friends are going through some hard times & have lost people they love- it reminds me that everyday really is important and that I should live with no regrets.

Life is good. Just don't talk to me on Monday or Wednesday after 4pm (just ask Sof)....I need my beauty rest. ;)


Calv is cool: Top 10 Reasons

1. When we fight, Calv just goes under the bed for a minute and when he's cooled down he comes and cuddles with me. Besides, we never fight...so it just works out.
2. He listens to me. Any day, all day. And he never tells anyone, either.
3. I don't have to buy him things for his birthday, Christmas, etc. He is happy with my leftover tuna juice and his regular old cat food. I do sometimes spoil him with the $1.00 cat treats at Wal-Mart though.
4. He's always waiting for me to get home. He's cute like that.
5. He lets me take a million pics of him a day. He doesn't even get mad when I post his "bad" pics on instagram.
6. He's a homebody just like me.
7. We both love eggs and toast. And soup.
8. Calv hates football. Me too.
9. He keeps me company while I do homework. Or sleep. Or shower. Everything really.
10. When someone knocks on the door, we're both content staying put and not answering it. Being social isn't really our thing. ;)


Feelin' Lucky

Today has been crazy. And long. Mostly long. I started another class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. That makes my day 10am-9pm on those days and then I come to work at 11pm. To say the least, I'm tired. I know lots of people who do this and do it well, but I'm not like that. I need my sleep or I'm not nice. I really like the class though, or at least so far. My brother is in the class, too. So that's cool. I wish I had more time for school- I really like my classes by sleep usually trumps any extra studying or activities. Oh well.

Next week on Tuesday I'm going to SLC with the mentors from Horizon House; I'm still not exactly sure why, but whatever...I'm excited.

Then on Wednesday or Thursday, Sof will be here to hang out for a few days. I'm beyond excited about it.

I'm a tired bitch, but life is good. Now to study for my exam on Thursday. Eff you, linguistics.


Random shiz

School blows my mind sometimes. I love learning new things but sometimes it also makes me very sad. I'm reading a book about human trafficking right now and the statistics are very eye opening and appalling. Women and children are sold for upwards for $15,000.00 for the sex trade- how is this even real? Ignorance is usually bliss, I guess. 

I have a big exam this week and I don't feel prepared at all. It's in Language, Thought and Culture which is an anthropology class; turns out it is more grammar and language than anything...not my strongest point. Plus it's based on the Hopi language- and I'm completely lost. Oh well, I guess it's too late to turn back now. Better get to studying!

Today was the Super Bowl. I am proud to say I didn't watch one bit of it. Plus, I got to watch the commercials (the only semi good part) on youtube tonight anyway. I did eat pizza at my parents house with Joey though...so I guess that's another good part of the party. I really hate football. 

This week is the start of nightmare February. I will now have class from 10am-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking a Black History Month class and it's only in February- I'm really excited to take it but I feel like I'm going to be a huge mess living on caffeine even more than I already do on those days. 

The new Tegan and Sara album is seriously great. I have been listening on repeat for a long while now. I just love those gals. 


Just some late night/early morning ramblings. Again.

Last night I was getting ready to hop in bed when I noticed Calv was bleeding a little bit. He had ripped his stitches out and there was some unknown thing hanging out of him (I'm not a cat anatomy buff, but it looked a lot like a testicle). Since he was neutered about two weeks ago and wasn't supposed to lick his stitches, I felt like a really horrible (and crazy) cat mom. Luckily Sof told me to calm my ass down and go to bed. And I did.

When I woke up Saturday morning and it was still there and looking horribly nasty, I decided to call the emergency vet at 8am. She told me I could drive out to her house in Parowan and she'd take a look at Calv; I called April and she came with us for the ride. The vet, Dr. Wilson, looked at Calv and gave him some antibiotics in case it was infected and sent us on our way. So...$10.00 later, a drive to P town and Calv still has some weird thing hanging out of him. At least I know he won't die (I hope).

I swear this cat gives me more anxiety than anything else in my life ever has...and I love him more than anything, too. Here's to hoping that someday we will have an anxiety-free life.

In other news, there's a really creepy guy at the truck stop right now. His truck is "broken down"...aka, I don't think he drives a truck and he doesn't want to sleep outside. I don't blame him though since it's probably -13 outside. I just don't want to hang out with him. Or talk to him anymore. Ugh.
If I die, check the dumpster.
For real though....



I am so glad the weekend is finally here! Plus, I don't have to work Friday night and I have no obligations or plans; I plan to keep it that way. I have one class Friday and then I'm going to sleep, homework it up, cuddle with Calv, sleep some more, etc. I am quite thrilled about it. 

Today I went to the SUU basketball game with Ape. They were down by like 15 at the half but came back to win it by 10. It was a fun game to watch! Glad I wasn't a hermit this time. 

On Wednesday Britt came over and we had dinner and watched TV. It was nice to hang out but I've realized how anti-social I really am... As much as I love seeing my friends and I usually even have fun doing it, I'm just as content to be alone at my house. EEk... Not sure if that's normal. Oh well. Good thing I rarely have time to sit at home and do nothing anyway. 

Two weeks til Sof comes to visit! So stoked!