howdy, ya'll

This blog needs a face lift and I realize this; I'm working on it. For now, lets just say I've been reading, learning, and doing lots of things I've never done before. Maybe someday I'll blog about those things....but right now I don't feel like blogging.

Today I'm grateful:
  • that although i don't get to control how others act, i DO get to choose how i act and in turn, react. today someone that i have never met was texting me for someone that i do know. my first thought was to freak out and get angry...after a moment i was able to be calm and handle the situation like an adult. if i think about it too long, i go back to wanting to slap a hoe, but i won't do that. ha
  • for good books! i forgot that i liked reading. weird, i know...but i'm back at it and it's made life 10 times more enjoyable lately. 
  • that i got to spend time with old friends this weekend. 
  • i got to go to like 5 basketball games last week! score! Ray Jones Jr. (my pretend husb. on SUU's team) can kiss my ass. geez, what a shit show on saturday. maybe next year, eh?
  • that a trucker brought a portable space heater for us at the truck stop. the heater has been out all weekend and it's FREEZING in here. 
  • for water. yummm
  • for Joey Bear
  • that i get to live life! and remember it.
  • learning new things
  • trying things i don't think i'll like and then love them
  • good friend, old and new.
  • my house 
  • calvie and gretch
Hope ya'll had a good weekend!

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