• Today I got to cuddle with Calvin all morning. 
  • Today I didn't get quite as much sleep as I needed/wanted. 
  • Today I went to the SUU gymnastics meet with Ape and Don. They lost. Not my cup of tea, but I'm glad we went. 
  • Today I got pulled over for not using my blinker for the whole 3 second before I turned...is that even legit? No ticket, though. 
  • Today is Friday the 13th--nothing spooky happened to me, ugh. 
  • Today Trent, Britt, and Rach came and said hello to me at work.
  • Today the CCPD are very bored MoFo's. Watch out. Seriously...
  • Today Ali and Shandi came and chilled at the truck stop with me. 
  • Today I listened to goooood music on pandora. 
  • Today I got to hug Joey. 
  • Today I got a really sweet text from someone that I really love. 
  • Today I didn't get drunk. 
  • Today was not too cold, not too hot...perfect weather outside. 
  • Today a trucker called me "hottie" and a almost vomited on him. 
  • Today I had good intentions to clean, but chose to cuddle with Calv instead. I'm pleased with my choice....the cleaning can wait but cuddling with Calv is way more important to me. He has pink eye or something and he's been really cuddly--I don't want to pass it up. 
  • Today I ate a Whopper. Damn, it was good. 
  • Today I only drank one Diet Coke....weird. 
  • Today I shaved my legs, finally. 
  • Today I'm happy. :)

I'm grateful:
-that i didn't get a ticket
-that i got to hang out with good friends
-for Calvin.
-for my family
-that i have a job

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