• Today I am 23 months sober! 
  • Sof just spent a week here in Utah and it was wonderful.
  • I'm going to Nepal in 2 months.
  • School ends in a little over one month.
  • It's Friday!
Life is freaking good. 



After reading Little Princes, my need to go to Nepal was very strong. Yesterday my professor told me she would give me a scholarship to go! With a quick talk to my dad, applying for a passport to be expedited this morning, and lots of excitement, I'll be in Nepal in two short months!!! To say that I'm excited would be a gross understatement! I'm ecstatic!!

I'm so grateful for my parents being supportive, both financially and emotionally, about my crazy dreams. I'm also grateful for my professor who I'll be going with and for all of the amazing people cheering me on. Life is truly wonderful right now.


Book Review: Little Princes (not to be confused with The Little Princess)

I was assigned to read this book for my South East Asia class and at first all I could think about was The Little Princess. In fact, at first glance I thought that's what it was; I did not want to read this book. The day before spring break, my professor Shobha told us that we needed to read it over the break and be prepared when we got back. Ugh.

Well, I went to California and I hauled the book with me. I didn't open it once. Oops. When I got home I started reading it and couldn't put it down. This is one of the best books I've read in a long time...or ever. I have been very interested in working in foster care and adoption for a long time and have even considered international levels. After reading this book, I have a renewed sense of why I'm in school and what I want to do; maybe it won't include living in Nepal (although, I wouldn't be opposed) but it's nice to read about someone who has done so many amazing things.

The book is about "orphans" in Nepal- but the author soon found out that these children were not orphans, they were trafficked for money. There parents are so poor and most are uneducated so when someone offers to take their child and give them a good life, they believe them. Most of the parents end up selling everything they have in order to give their child what they think will be a good life. Turns out, they end up getting sold to corrupt orphanages or as domestic servants (the kids are as young as 4 years old). Anyway, the book is about Conor (the author) and how he is reuniting the kids with their parents after years and years. I was so sad when I finished that I cried.

I will definitely be recommending this book to any and everyone! If you're looking for a good read, pick this!


Life is FUN

I'm still recovering from 4 days of driving and am currently in the middle of my second night back at work; I feel like I'm going to die.

I'm usually a homebody- I am very content to be at home reading, sleeping, crafting, homework, etc. and don't often "make plans". It's odd to me because I used to freak out if I didn't have every minute of every day planned with someone else, I'd freak out. I always had to be with someone...anyone, really. The weekends were the worst- it was a constant party.

Now, I go out of town for a few days and I freak out. I like to be home. I like being by myself, with the occasional "going out". It's quite different from what it was a few years ago and I'm oddly okay with it. My only wish is that I could actually have a "normal" schedule...you know, where you sleep at night and stuff? I'm hoping that someday I'll have that. But for now, I'm cool with the way things are going and how I'm spending my time.

Maybe I'm getting old or something. Or maybe I'm just a lame, old cat lady who doesn't like people. Either way, I'm fine with it. Life is funny.


Spring break: it's not over, but I'm back to real life...

Well, I'm back from vacation! It was a lot of driving, but lots of cool places in Nevada, California and Oregon. Picture overload- sorry. :) 
Also, I'm pretty sure I want to live in Oregon now...So beautiful there! I'm in love!


Spring Break and stuff

  • Spring break starts tomorrow after my class. I'll post updates later about how it goes. 
  • I'm doing a research paper on domestic violence in the LGBT community- very interesting. 
  • I took my last midterm exam today! Thank God it's over. 
  • My Black History class paper is done and submitted. Whew. 
  • I took my grandparents to Parowan on a drive today- we had lunch at the Dairy Freeze. Fun times. 
  • In my Sex and Gender class we watched a documentary called "Two Spirits"- so sad. I can't stop thinking about it. 
  • I missed the bball game tonight due to sleep deprivation. I'm fine with it, but sad that the season has come to an end. What will I do now? Oh wait, research projects!
  • I miss Sof. duh.
  • I don't know what I ever did without my iPhone. For realz. Life must have sucked. ha ha
  • So stoked for some sunshine and cruising time with my bestie this weekend. 
  • I ordered like 5 iphone cases- but they are for the wrong iphone. Damn. 


Happy March!

Holy smokes, it's March already. I thought we'd never get out of winter but slowly it's coming. Thank goodness.

  • One week until Spring break!! I have a lot of homework, projects, and exams to study for over the next few days and then I'm free. Can't wait!
  • For Spring Break I'm going to California with April. Oh what an adventure this shall be....
  • I have 22 months sober!
  • I'm going to Tegan & Sara and The XX with Sof in April. Can't wait. 
  • Calv is so much more cuddly and calm these days. He still has his crazy moments, but he loves me and that's all that matters. 
  • I took grandpa and grandma for a drive with Joey on Wednesday. They're so cute. I'm glad I get to see them often. 
  • Today I slept through class (oops) and then was able to wake up and hang out with Ape for a couple of hours and then cleaned my house. I love having my house clean and feel so much better that way. 
  • I'm doing laundry at work. What what? I can't complain about my job....
  • April and Ty bought a cute house....or they are going to buy it anyway! They found out their offer was approved today. Sweeeeet!
  • Two SUU bball games next week- bittersweet since the season is coming to an end. :( 
  • I miss Sof. Of course.