• i got to hang out with grandpa and grandma for no reason at all today. 
  • i finished Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby--I loved the book but the ending was a little lame. I still liked the book overall, though. 
  • i got to cuddle with calv today while i was reading. i love that kitty.
  • my house has stayed semi-clean from last wednesday when i cleaned the shit out of it...so tomorrows cleaning should go quickly! yay.
  • i dyed my hair. black. i like it. 
  • no stupid text messages from people that i've never met. thank goodness. 
  • tomorrow i can sleep for 6 hours in a row, i think. that'll be nice. 
  • my job...even when my boss is super intense. i'm grateful that i have a job. i'm grateful that i have a job....
  • i'm grateful for April. she definitely listened to me bitch a lot tonight...thanks Ape. 
  • for friends. :) 
  • i got to see a friend from st. george get 1 year sober tonight at AA. cool! 
  • i get to meet with my sponsor tomorrow before group.
  • i had coffee with a good friend today. 
  • i'm pretty content. 

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