TGIF, again.

Today is Friday. Yay! 

I love the weekend! Not sure why since I live at work from Thursday-Monday...but I do. 

I have quite a lot of fun things going on this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it.

  • I am going to Zion on Saturday with the mentor program for Horizon House! It should be tons of fun!
  • I'm gonna be crafting up a storm for my Etsy store. 
  • I am taking some family pics for April and her family. Ha ha, should be interesting. I'm excited and they're all super hot, so I'm sure it'll turn out great even with my not-so-fabulous photography skillz. 
  • I am going to be trying to get donations for a Thanksgiving dinner that the mentor program is putting on for the community. We need used coats that people don't want anymore(any size), food, and people! If you want to help out, hit me up. It should be pretty awesome! 

Today I'm grateful for:
  • L.O.V.E.
  • my family <3
  • Calv, of course.
  • HHW
  • my job
  • my grandparents. both sets. i'm lucky they're all still around. and I've spoken to all of them in the last few days. sweet.
  • my grandpa. he's pretty amazing. i've been hanging out with him a lot more lately and i love him so much. 
  • my roomie.
  • Ape Dawg
  • trying new things
  • my sponsor
  • Tia- this lady does more for others than anyone i know. seriously, she's amazing.
  • honesty. 
  • hope
  • my HP
  • people who treat others with kindness all-the-time. great examples to me.
  • the stupid sheriffs. sometimes they bug the shit out of me, but i am grateful for what they do...when they actually do their job and not just bug me all night.
  • i'm grateful for all the opportunities i have today.

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