a day in the life of a glamour gurl

It isn't easy being glamorous all of the time. I mean, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication- along with a lot of natural abilities. I've decided to share my secrets with the world. If you want to be a glam gurl (or beau), this is for you...

1. Never go anywhere without make-up. If zits are showing, you aren't rockin'. What if someone you know is there? Wouldn't it just be awful to be seen with your nude face on? Geeez. Don't do it. Ever.

2. Always apply a fresh coat of mascara before leaving the car. I keep separate tubes of mascara at work, in the car, in my purse (backpack), and in each room of my house. Never be left stranded without it. This could turn deadly. If possible, eyelash extensions are a must. Seriously.

3. Basketball and sweats should only be worn in bed, if at all. Seriously, how unglam would it be to wear them out in public. Major no-no.

4. Ponytails are for ponies, not people. Simple enough, right?

5. Lip gloss or lipstick is essential. Never have plain lips--they look think and just plain ol' blah.

Thanks for tuning in for the first "Glam" sesh. I hope you've all gained some beauty tips that are sure to impress. Now, go out into the world (or if you live where I live, Wal-Mart) and show all those other bitches what's up! Remember, being a glam girl isn't easy and isn't for the faint of heart. Happy trying.


  1. Umm I do alot of these things btw... I didnt know I was a glam girl, otherwise know as high maintenance lol

    Xoxo, your "other" mom

  2. HAAHHAHAHA, Oh Meela! I don't do any of them...obviously.

    Not to state the obvious, but yes, you ARE a "glam gurl". ;)

  3. Whatev lol I don't wash my hair for weeks at a time... that voids glam girl out!

  4. Your hair is perfect. All of the time. Lets be real.

  5. Lol ok your right on that one, but it may look perfect... really its just greasy and gross! Ew lol