If you know me at all, you know that I have a kitty that I just absolutely adore; his name is Calvin. I have never liked a cat before, but I love Calv more than most people that I know.

On Wednesday night he started acting a little funky and weak, but I didn't think much of it. By Thursday morning he couldn't move his hind legs. Since Calv is my cat, I thought maybe he was being dramatic. By Thursday evening he had a fever and still couldn't walk. I was freaking out. Well, maybe I still am... He has been very lethargic and sleeping 23 hours out of the day. I have been sleeping every minute that I can with him since I'm sick, too.

Calv tucked in my bed sleeping.
On Friday morning I called the vet. They were all closed except for one emergency clinic in St. George. I don't have a car and I don't have enough  money to drive there, pay for the vet bill,  and still live for the next two weeks. I was super bummed but I figured we'd just sleep all day and go in first thing Saturday morning to the vet in Cedar. At about 8:45am my dad called and said that he had gotten a hold of Dr. Esplin and that I could take Calv in at 9:15am.

My dad let me drive his car and he gave me his credit card to pay for the visit. I was so surprised...my dad knows how much I love Calv, but it's still not his cat. I'm very grateful for my dad.

Anyway, the vet gave Calvin some antibiotics and said that if it's a bacterial infection that the medicine would help.....if it's a virus, there is nothing we can do. I'm just praying for little Calv and hoping he's not in too much pain, either way. Not gonna lie, I've been kind of a hot mess this entire last week and so I'll randomly just start crying.

I'm so grateful to my dad for helping me get Calv to the doctor and for caring about him. I'm also super grateful for all of the people who have called, texted, facebooked me about Calv. Thanks everyone. :)

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