happie thursday

  • i'm grateful for things that happen that don't make sense at the time, but then later on they make perfect sense.
  • i'm grateful that i'm sober.
  • i'm grateful for Calv.
  • i'm grateful for my lappie. 
  • i'm grateful for Cola. 
  • i'm grateful i got to hang with my grandpa today. btw, if you ever want cheap, good food....eat at the hospital. seriously, cheapest menu ever. yum.
  • i'm grateful that i'm going to bed right now. goodnight. :)


  1. Hi - just your Anonymous stalker again(I am harmless I promise) I am grateful too that you are still sober - keep up the good work !! I need a good success story that ends with a happy ending and I am counting on yours being it!

  2. Do I know you? Do you have a blog?

    I'm not scared...just curious. :)