Ode to my kitty, Calvin

If you've ever met me or read this blog, you know about Calv. You may also know that I used to hate cats. And lets be real, I still hate most cats. There's something special about Calv...he's mine. Many of my blogging friends have children and they like to brag about them on their blog. I would like to take this post to brag about my kid, who also happens to be a cat. Here goes:

  • Calvin is the best cuddle buddy I have ever met. Seriously, when he wants to cuddle, he's great. Sure, there are times when he doesn't want to cuddle and he bites my face instead. I still love cuddling with him.
  • Calvin is feisty. He doesn't put up with shit from anyone. He may be small but he's got heart....and super sharp claws. Don't mess with my cat. 
  • Calvin's full name is Calvin James Decker. He goes by Calv or Calvie. 
  • Calvin likes to play. All.the.time. I can't really blame him, so do I! Sometimes when Calvin has his little Angry Bird toys (which happen to have bells in them) out I wanna throw them in the garbage can...instead, I just wait for him to accidentally lose them. Underneath our couch is home to about 10 cat toys at any given time. We only get them out for special occasions...like when we'll be gone.
  • Calvin purrs a lot. I would guess if he were able to speak, he'd be at about 200 words by now and he's only 4 months old. Seriously, I have a smart cat people. He can almost read, too!
  • Calv sleeps in the cutest positions...like with his head hanging off the bed or the couch. 
  • Calv gets freaked out by his own tail.
  • Calvin likes to poop in his liter box at the exact time I happen to be cleaning it out. Without fail, this happens every time. Sweet little guy...
  • Calvie doesn't like to be tied down. He always finds a way to get his collar off or tries to choke himself with it...in the end, the collar never lasts more than two minutes. 
More to come later, I'm sure. I love little Calvin. :)

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