So at basketball games during timeouts or halftime they have this thing called "Kiss Cam". They put the camera on two random people and expect them to kiss in front of everyone. At SUU they now started doing, along with the "Kiss Cam", the "Flex Cam" (where they put the camera on you and you flew your guns for everyone), and the "Dance Cam" (you dance, duh).

As I was sitting at the game tonight, praying I didn't get the one of the "cams" on me, April and I were talking about how they should have "Whore Cam" or"Wow, you have a lot of makeup Cam", or "Damn, can those shorts get any shorter Cam"...Enough with the kissing, people. Kissing gets old. Lets spice things up a bit.

What kind of "Cam" would you most like to see at SUU (or any other venue)?

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