is it in the stars for me?

Okay, so I've never been one to read my horoscope on the daily or cared too much about it...until tonight. I'm sitting here at work and I stumbled across my horoscope. I decided to delve in and do a little research (well, sort of).

I am a Virgo. I'll spare you all the details, but if you do wanna know more about Virgos, click HERE.
Mostly, just know I'm sweet, charming, and a little shy at first.

As I was researching a little more about me, I discovered something rather serendipitous. Out of the very few amount of relationships I've been in, I was with a Cancer and a Scorpio the longest amount of time and neither ended up working out in the end. In both cases, more so the Scorpio, we got along great and it seemed as though we were very compatible in most areas.

However, it just wasn't meant to be...and I think I just found out why. Check this out:
Nearly Perfect Partners:
Cancer, Scorpio

 Really?? I dated my nearly perfect partners? Both of them? Geez, I wish I woulda found this shit out sooner!

Turns out like this:

Perfect Partners:
Taurus, Capricorn

So now I'm all sorts of confused and a little disheartened. I mean, so far, this astrology stuff is really turning out to be truth in my life. I mean, seriously, I have dated two nearly perfect matches and neither has worked out in the end. What are the odds?

My mission: Find and date a few more nearly perfects just so that I don't have to settle down or commit just yet. But you better believe that when I'm ready for the white picket fence, I'm all over the Taurus and Capricorn folk.

Do you believe in this stuff? I do. For now.


  1. JILL! Do you know why we are soul-mates? Because I am a goat-fish, I mean Capricorn. This is why we are lovers. I know it.