people are cool. and nice.

Over the weekend I was overwhelmed with kindness from other people. I had people calling and texting about Calv non-stop. It might sound silly, but it really meant a lot. Yes, I know Calvin is a cat, but he happens to be the coolest cat in the world and I love him. I know that it probably sounds a little intense, but I am very grateful to those people who called (even the staff at Horizon House called! Both on and off shift...), sent me really nice texts, and came over to see me. 

Since I am always looking for an excuse to post pictures of Calvin, I guess now is as good as any time to post some more! It's a lot easier to capture Calv's cute little face when he can't run around so I've been taking pictures like crazy! 

Thanks again to everyone who called or texted about Calvie. :) 

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