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So, the other night I painted like 15 frames and got them all ready for Christmas gifts. I had already made the thing that goes inside them, so I put them together. I liked them. A lot. Then I thought of something even better. I'll probably just leave them as they are, but I'm sorta peeved about it. Such is life, right?

Last night I attempted to go to bed at 8pm. It took me a while to fall asleep and now it's 3am and I'm awake again. Bummer. I am getting sick and I'm a cranky betch. Guess I should go back to bed since the next couple of days are gonna be intense.

First though, let me just tell you that I'm grateful for:

  • days off work. they seem to fly by and don't really seem like a break, but I love it.
  • Calvin chilling out and being a nice cat. 
  • Thanksgiving festivities coming up and everyone who has donated for it. 
  • group tonight. We are having a feast and who doesn't like to eat food with awesome people? 
  • the weather lately. It's been on the chilly side, but nothing I can't handle. 
  • people who encourage me and say really nice things to me. Not just any people (although, i'll take it from anyone), really freaking amazing people. 
  • running into people at wal-mart who i have been avoiding for stupid reasons to find out they don't hate me. awkward, but cool. 
  • things happening the way they happen. sometimes it seems like a nightmare but i love when i can look back (even a few days or weeks) to see that if i had gotten what i wanted, that would have been the shit show, for sure.
  • my parents. i don't tell them enough how much i appreciate them for all they do for me. it's a miracle they even talk to me, let alone do all the awesome things they do for me. 
  • the family gathering we had at mcdonalds on monday night for Joey. it was fun to have our whole fam together and just hang out for no reason. i wish we did that more. 
  • the other day when i was bitching about everyone else, someone just said "be the change you want to see"....good advice. and it's holding true. it's not everyone else who needed an attitude adjustment...turns out it might have been me. still workin' on that. 
  • my new kitty, Gretch. we changed her name to Jazzmine last night. i'm slightly worried about her because she sneezes. a lot. and it's gross. but i'm trying to love her. 
  • JoAnn's. I go there at least 4 times a week. 
  • getting coke with Ape. 
  • all the wonderful people in my life. :)
Hope your Thanksgiving Eve is wonderful and joyous! 

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