i need me some serious gratitude list making. i'm being a hater today and it should stop. here we go. . .
  • i'm grateful that i got to spend time with my grandparents today. 
  • i'm grateful that grams is doing okay...
  • i'm grateful that gramps seems to be doing okay, too.
  • i'm grateful i got to see Enna for a bit today.
  • i'm grateful that Avril is on the radio right now. emo fest.
  • i'm grateful for Calv. He just cuddled with me today and i liked it. 
  • i'm grateful that i got paid. 
  • i'm grateful that i got new undies today. i love new underwear.
  • i'm grateful that the house is clean.
  • i'm grateful for good friends. I think I'd die without Bryan today. thanks man. 
  • i'm grateful that i got to get my 6 month tag in NA with my group there with me. cool.
  • I'm grateful for sweet text messages that come out of the blue. 
  • i'm grateful for my HP.
  • i'm grateful for HHW. 
  • I'm grateful I got to go pee in a cup today. sometimes it just puts me in check. 
  • i'm grateful that my dad let me borrow his car today. thanks dad.
  • i'm grateful that i got to cruise with Ape today before work.
  • i'm grateful i got to kiss Joey on two different occasions today. lucky me!
  • i'm grateful that i had a delicious dinner of broccoli soup and a yummy sandwich, all of which i had prepared and frozen so i could be lazy and grab them real quick before work. 
  • i'm grateful that people are so freakin' awesome. Joey got asked to Sadie Hawkins by the girl he's been crushing on hardcore. I don't know her, but apparently she's the shiz and I'm grateful that she's been so kind to Joe. He's the man.
  • i'm grateful for Steph and Lisa. Cute little cousins. :)
  • i'm grateful for Bud. He pretends to be bad ass, but he's cute when he's helping my grandparents. 
  • i'm grateful for family.
  • i'm grateful for hulu.com
  • i'm grateful for Tia. 
  • i'm grateful for basketball. i'm pumped for the game later today. 
  • i'm grateful for britt face. i miss her, too.
  • i'm grateful for Jazz. 
  • i'm grateful that i got to talk to Jordan. miss her lots. 
  • i'm grateful to be alive!
  • i'm grateful i'm getting extra hours at work. and that i have a job. and that it's pretty legit. 
  • i'm grateful for jackets. and shoes. 
  • i'm grateful for my bra. wouldn't life suck without it? haha
  • i'm grateful for jack, my ipod.
  • i'm grateful for flowers and trees and grass. and sunshine. 

ah, yes. feelin' better about my life now. peace out!


  1. You don't know me... I stumbled across your blog (blog stalking is my addition). This is the most honest, enlightening, candid, open, sincere blog that I have ever read. I am sorry that you have battled addition. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have seen first hand what it does to people and their families. Congrats on your 6 months 4 days sober. Your family must be proud of you. May you continue to find joy and happiness with your soberity. You should write a book - you have a way with words.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you! You're very kind, whoever you are. :)