Hey Santa, I'm over here!

  1. Cat Air Freshener-Rainbow style. Could this be more perfect? I think not.

2. A cute little outfit for Calvin. Here is a great example, but he's not picky. Anything would be great. 
I realize this is a dog. I need a cat one. Bad.

You can purchase this or one like it HERE.

3. This pillow because it reminds me of Joey Bear. And cuz it's cute, right? 

You can buy it HERE

4. "I love you to the moon and back" 

I love this. A lot. Buy it HERE.

5. Scrabble anything. A scrabble board would be a good start, but these are just lovely.

I want personalized words. Thanks. Don't buy these, make them for me. xoxox

6. These earrings. Or any cute studs that happen to be anchors.

you can purchase these HERE.

8. Cute wall vinyl. Such as this:

You can purchase it HERE.

 Of course, I would also love a new camera and a laptop. So, here's to hoping Santa finds me this year! I've been good...

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