Dog Town

Today I got to spend all day at Best Friends aniaml sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. They are the biggest animal rescue in the United States.

I got to go with some amazing people and had a lot of fun. We took the tour of the facility in the morning and then we went to Dog Town and volunteered in the afternoon. I love playing with the dogs and I always seem to find at least one that I was the smuggle out and bring home.

I also convinced everyone that it would be a good idea to drive through Colorado City. I loved every second of it.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • all the amazing people that I get to spend time with and that i'm getting to know.
  • people who dedicate so much of their time and energy into helping others.
  • music. and of course, Jack, my iPod.
  • HHW
  • being sober and getting to do all sorts of random things that I wouldn't be doing otherwise.
  • being busy. much better than being bored.
  • my job. i love that i work nights and have a set schedule. i am able to do a lot of things that i wouldn't be able to do if i had a "real" job during the day. who needs sleep anyway?
  • my alarm clock on my phone. i mean, for real. i am averaging 3 hours of sleep every 12 hours right now. i have slept through my alarm the last 4 times and then magically wake up right in the knick of time. eeeek.
  • diet coke. i'm dragging right now, but i'm hoping that it's magical powers will get me through the night.
  • all the people who have so graciously donated money and coats and food for the Thanksgiving dinner that i'm helping plan.  i don't even know some of these people and they are just giving and giving and giving.
  • Joey Bear. I got to see him and his shaggy hair for a little bit tonight. I love that kid so much. He's gonna be serving food at the shindig. If that isn't reason enough to attend, I don't know what is?
  • my parents. they are pretty amazing.
  • chapstick. iloveit.
  • my friends. they put up with a lot of hermitness and also a lot of bitch status from me. lack of sleep and being anti-social in the first place isn't a good combo.
  • my cute kitty, Calvin. i love when he's being cute and cuddles with me while i sleep. well, i love him all the time..even when he's biting me and making me bleed.
  • AA/NA and all the people in it.
  • dreaming. not while sleeping kind of dreams, but real dreams...the kind that i think about all day/night.
  • the fact that i get to do my laundry at work. and get paid for it. nice.
  • my grandparents.
  • the thought of sleeping tomorrow for more than 3 hours. i hope it becomes a reality.
  • meeting new people.
  • loveeeeee.
  • good memories of Thanksgiving last year with Jordan. we had a couple of friends over and made a delicious dinner.
  • fall. although it has felt more on the winter side, it's beautiful outside right now and i love it.
  • candy. duhhh

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