I'm old.

I feel like an old lady lately. With age, I've found that I cry a lot. I don't cry because I'm sad (usually), I cry when I think things are cute/nice/awesome. What the hell, right? I guess it's not so bad because it usually just happens when I'm alone at work and looking at cute things online. Today I found this:

21 of the sweetest things I've ever seen...

Sometimes I forget how small acts of kindness really do make a huge impact on people. In fact, sometimes I forget that sometimes the smallest things people have done for me have made the biggest impact on my life. I'm grateful for all the awesome people I know and for all the cool things they do for me. I'm pretty lucky!

And for real, check out the link, you won't regret it.


  1. I was just thinking today how I don't sad-cry very often, but I happy- cry way too much. Better than the opposite! Must be a family trait... We sound like dad. Ha

  2. We are totally dads kids. That's for sure!