Bubble baths and stuff

Today was one of the nicest days I remember having in a long time. I didn't do anything spectacular, either. I got off work and slept like a baby for a few hours, which is rare lately. Then I bought myself a frozen yogurt for lunch...or whatever it was. I forgot how much I like yogurt.

April called and we hung out for a bit, which is always nice. I'm glad I have a friend like her. For a while, when we didn't talk, I forgot how much I appreciated having her in my life. Everyone should have a friend like Ape.

When I got home, I was going to sleep until work but then I decided to take a bath. I haven't done that in ages. I found a book my brother loaned me a few months ago that has been collecting dust on my shelf, filled up the tub with bubbles and put my pillow in a plastic bag so I could use it in the water. As I read my book and soaked in the tub, I realized I have a pretty great life.

 Sometimes I get stuck on thinking that if only i had this or that, I'd be happy. If only I was in school right now, if only I had more money, a better job, a nicer car, etc. But today I remembered that I'm happy, with or without any of that stuff. And that's pretty cool.

I have the best cat(s) in the world, the coolest friends ever, a pretty rad family who is always there for me, and a place to live. What else could a girl ask for (besides unlimited chocolate, monsters and a pretty girl...)?

Life is so interesting, isn't it?

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