In this moment...

I am content. I am happy to be alive and I'm so grateful for the life I have right this very second.

Holy shit, I'm blessed.

In the last few days/weeks some pretty awesome shit has been happening and  I just get to sit back and enjoy it.
Right now I look cracked because I only slept for 4 hours yesterday, but I feel happier than I have in months.

Happy things about today:
  • talked to my sis on the phone for the first time in a while. i miss her! 
  • had great company at work.
  • made some big bucks on ChaCha 
  • got my passport application so i can go to Australia!!!!!!
  • got a new penpal who is pretty rad. 
  • hung out with the girls at HHW for a bit before work, just for fun. i love getting to know them and just talking with them. 
  • Monday (for me) is almost over! And then I get to sleep. 
  • my cats were adorable all day. of course.
  • i got to hang out with Joey. we jammed to Justin B. and B. Spears. Livin' the dream. 

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