back to the grind.

Today was bittersweet. Mostly sweet until I had to come back to work. Having two days off in a row sure makes me wish I could retire. This weekend was another success and spent with some wonderful friends and family.

On Friday, I slept all day when I got off work at 8am. That night I hung out with April and watched a movie with my cats. Yes, I realize I could do that any day, but it was relaxing and much needed. Saturday morning I woke up to an invitation to go to see a friend in Richfield. I wasn't too thrilled at first, but then I decided it'd be better to be with friends than to sit home and be sad.

So..Stacie, Tennile, April and I drove 2 hours to go see Lacey and her new house! We went and ate lunch at a cute little Mexican place and then just hung out at her house for a while. Then we left so that I could make it to my moms birthday dinner at Chili's! My mom is 60 now...weird. It was fun to hang with my family for a minute--it's fun just to have our immediate family at a table. Plus, my brother gave me a camera! I haven't had a real camera since I lost mine at the bar like 5 years ago. Bonus.

After dinner I was feeling pretty worn out, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to go home and sleep but my friend invited me to go hear her share her story at an AA meeting, so I did that. I'm so glad that I went because I was getting crazy. Plus, she's amazing and I loved hearing her story. She's one of he coolest people I know.

After the meeting I was over being depressed, so I watched another movie with my cats and had a peaceful night.

Sunday was chill. I hung out with April, went to the mentor meeting, and did some reading. I like weekends when they aren't spent at work. Looking forward to my next weekend off in two weeks! Wahooooo.

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