i want to sleep

I had Saturday night off work and now it's Tuesday morning and I feel worse than I did the whole 17 days I worked in a row (or however many days it was). I seriously feel like a train hit me and then ran me over again, just for fun.

I look like death, feel like death, and want to die. I know, I'm being dramatic...but that's how I feel.
Thank God I don't work on Wednesday or Thursday...I might shank someone, for real. Only 1.5 more nights until I can sleep my life away again. yay.

Also, I got a cute package today and I'm pretty stoked about it. I have cute friends. Plus I got an awesome CD. Today wasn't so bad until I got to work.

I need a new life. Anyone want to trade? And by life, I mean sleep schedule that doesn't kill me.

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