Every single time I paint my fingernails (which isn't often), they look like shit about 20 minutes later. Partly because I can't paint nails and they never actually look good to being with, but usually they are already chipping before the day is over. I'm not going to lie, I kinda like chipped nails- they look like I'm not trying too hard and I wouldn't want that. Ha. Oh well, I guess I need to just paint them everyday and then it wouldn't be a problem. Yeahhhhh right. 

On the other hand, I got a pedicure like 2 weeks ago and it looks like I got it yesterday. Yay for toes that look good, at least. 

Today is a bittersweet, but mostly sweet, day. It's my last grave before I get a day off. I think I'm up to like 14 in a row. I know that it's not that much, but it feels like I've lived here and I'm ready for a break. My plans for my day off? Oh, I'll be doing the same thing I do even when I have to work: I'll be chillin' with Calv..but for longer. And I'm going to take Joey bowling and to dinner. Good times. 

I've been slacking lately. I just can't seem to get the motivation to get my ass out of bed. I know I have to, but the past 3 days I just haven't. I think tomorrow will be a nice refresher and then I'll be back to normal. I feel more refreshed right now than I have in weeks, mostly because I know I don't have to come back to work tomorrow. Yay! So here's to a fun weekend! 

I'm grateful for Calv, Joey, cute texts, rain, the nice temps we've been having (cooler weather = cooler house), my bed, my friends, my parents, surprises, and lemonade. 

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