Who wants flowers when you're dead?


My weekend starts in like 3 hours! I don't have to come back to this place until Monday night. Holy shit, that's exciting and I hope that I can get some fun shit packed into my time off. I've been thinking about the quote from Catcher In The Rye, "who wants flowers when you're dead? nobody" a lot today. Although, it's meant to be morbid (I think)...I like to interpret it a different way. How come everyone gives flowers when someone is dead? I want the flowers now!

I've been thinking about death quite a lot lately. Not in a "I want to die" kind of way, but in a "hmmm, I wonder..." sorta way. It boggles my mind when I think about it too much. I mean, there's so much to think about. What happens when we die? Do I get to come back as a Cheeto Puff like I once wanted? Will I be damned and live in pit of fire filled with empty alcohol bottles scattered around just teasing me? This might seem like a strange thing to think about but its something that I really do wonder about...

Part of me likes to believe that nothing happens. We die and that's it. Live while you can because this is the only shot you've got! And the romantic part of me believes that I'll live forever and ever and be floating in the clouds, laughing with my friends, and sipping on berry lemonade. Either way, I think I'll be okay with it. It's not like me thinking about it now will really change what happens anyhow..

So back to the flowers when I'm dead. I don't want them. I'm gonna get my own flowers while I'm alive. Sure, if you want to decorate me with flowers when I die, I guess I can't stop you...but I think it'd be cooler if you spent the money to do something cool that you have never dared to do before. Or help someone else. Or just buy flowers for the next dead body.

Just remember, no one wants flowers when they're dead. Or at least I don't.

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