Day Off...or not.

Whelp, the schedule for next week is looking a lot like this week. I haven't had a day off in 10 days and I get to work 7 more days until I get one day off.

Thank God I get to do whatever I want at work....but I'd still like a day off. And a night in my bed. But whateve, this is the life. I'm livin' the dream and I am very grateful to have a job. Plus, overtime kicks ass.

Today I'm grateful:
  • I get to go volunteer at the Summer Games for a few hours after work with the women at HHW. 
  • I'll get to cuddle with Calv for a few hours before I come back to work tonight. 
  • I have a cute new water bottle. It's a Nalgene....like the one Enna stole from me. ;) 
  • I had lunch with my mom yesterday. Just us. Weird, but good. 
  • Joey called me a few minutes ago to say "hi". I love that boy so much. 
  • I made bomb.com food yesterday. Fry bread with honey butter. Holy smokes, it was good. Plus...there's more where that came from! 
  • I'm still listening to Mayer Hawthorne on repeat and I love it. (2 songs, anyway) 
  • It's a beautiful day outside and I'm gonna work on my tan...or lack thereof! 
Happy Weekend to ya'll. 

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