Rainy days and bucket lists

The past few days have been overcast, cool, and perfect. I love rainy weather and everything that comes with it. Perhaps that's why I've spent the last week sleeping on my couch and watching Redbox to the max. Who knows? I've also been a pretty big bitch for a few days. I have been stressing about things I don't have control over and it's been making my life hell. Today, after talking to one of the most wonderful women in the world, I think I can finally just let go and not worry about it. Whatever happens, happens...and everything will work out how it's supposed to work out. 

So instead of worrying and being a bitch-face, I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks as much as I can because 1. I will be going to school and working full-time or 2. I will be working my ass off/getting a second job so I can either save up for school or move somewhere rad. So for the next few weeks I am just going to enjoy what life in Southern Utah has to offer. 

So here's my summer-is-almost-over/ I'm-gonna-be-an-official-old-maid-soon bucket list:

  • I am going to go see '25th Annual Spelling Bee' at Tuachan in a couple of weeks. I have never really been into musicals, but since I went to Avenue Q while I was in Texas a year ago I have wanted to see another one! This one looks really cute and I'm excited to see it! 
  • I'm going to my cabin for the weekend with friends. I'm a little stressed about it because I hate being in large groups of people without being able to get away...but, I think it'll be fun. 
  • I still need to hit up New Castle Res, Red Cliffs, and Zion. 
  • Lagoon. Again! 
  • Vegas pool weekend. 
  • Celebrate my mom's 60th b-day...Party time! 
  • A play in Cedar...at one of the many festivals. ;)
The chances of me getting enough time off work/having enough money to do all of this is very slim, but I'm going to try my hardest! Wish me luck! 

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