Today it feels like I'm getting a fresh start. I love meeting people who I feel instantly connected to and can be real with...perhaps maybe it's that I'm just more "real" with myself these days and in turn it's easier to be honest with other people. Either way, it's refreshing and I'm excited about life. Life is so funny sometimes, the way shit falls into place right when I stop searching for it. All I know is that life is beyond good today.

I know this is cryptic and lame, but whatever...it's my blog and I like it this way.

I'm stoked to get off work in a few minutes. I'm going to go get ready and then go to the parade with Joey. Then I get to go hang out with some pretty rad ladies and later on I'm going to a BBQ. Now I just need to find a time to sleep and life would be perfect. It's pretty damn close to perfect now, though.

Happy 4th of July!

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