I got a date!

I've been worried about going to the cabin this weekend because everyone else that's going has a husband, kids, or lover going with them...and then there's me. ha. Since I'm so awesome I was just going to go alone...but then I decided that would be lame. I wanted to take Joey Bear but since our sleepovers usually end about 15 minutes after they start because he wants to go home, that wouldn't have worked for an all weekend deal.

Then I remembered it didn't have to be my kid to take a kid...so I invited Kenlee to come with me! If you know me, you know I freaking love Kenlee. Since the day she was born I've been chillin' with her and she's like a little sister to me. I used to give her mohawks before she could hold her head up and her nickname has been Koolio ever since. Since I've been back in Utah (for over a year) I haven't really spent time with her and I thought this weekend would be a good time to start!

Kenlee and I have been on lots of adventures together--she's a good sidekick and I'm stoked to have her be my date for the weekend. She just turned 4 and I can't even believe how big she is now!! Geez, she's a cute little sucker. Here's to the best weekend! :)

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