Pioneer Day

Instead of going to the parade and dressing up as a pioneer this year, I played it cool and hung out with my fam. I went up to my grandparents house and we played a thrilling game of rummy. My aunt is in town so it was fun to see her and hang with the grandparents. Joey was my partner--unfortunately, we lost. 

Random blurb: A couple of days ago I made curtains for my house to go on the doors leading to the hall and the kitchen because I thought they'd be cute. Turns out they aren't very cute but they definitely make a difference in keeping the living room cool. It's only 79 degrees in there now instead of 90! Best thing that's happened in a long time...

  • My fam. They're pretty rad. 
  • Calvie. Best cat ever. 
  • My friends. They're all so different and bring such unique things to my life. 
  • My house. It's small, clean, and just how I want it. Couldn't ask for more...except AC! 
  • A job. It gets boring but I'm grateful to be able to do what I want and get paid for it! 

Hope ya'll had a good Pioneer Day! 

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