you know the days you just don't wanna get out of bed? be grateful

I didn't wanna get outta bed today. But I did. And I had a freaking good day.
  • I'm grateful that I woke up today in time for my "Recovery Protection" group. 
  • I'm grateful that I went to the 8pm NA meeting. It was a good one.
  • I'm grateful that I ran into some cool dudes who told me about a candlelight AA meeting that I was also able to attend before coming to work. It was also very good.
  • I'm grateful that instead of sitting around crying for myself, I got to be with other people who care about me. Cool. 
  • I'm grateful that I'm at work. Still have a job! 
  • I'm grateful for good music. 
  • I'm grateful that I get paid on Wednesday. 
  • I'm grateful that I'm drinking a Coke and about to eat some yummy "lunch".
  • I'm grateful for my familia. 
  • I'm grateful that even after all the stupid shit I've done, there's still hope for me. ;) 
  • I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with Jordan. She'll always be a part of my heart but I guess maybe it'll just be different than how I'd like it to be. Such is life, I guess.
  • I'm grateful for my kitty. Gosh, he really brightens my day. I hated cats until Calv. For realz. He's so cute.
  • I'm grateful that I don't work Saturday night. I can actually sleep and stuff. 
  • I'm grateful that my roomie likes things tidy. Our house stays fairly clean and I like being there. Oh, I'm grateful to have the roomie I have...she's awesome!
  • I'm grateful I'm healthy!
  • I'm grateful I get to spend time with my grandpa and grandma on Wednesday. Road trip! :)
  • I'm grateful for colorfulness. In all senses. 
  • I'm grateful that even though my fam doesn't agree with everything about my lifestyle, they still let me come over and stuff. I'm lucky. 
  • I'm grateful that I have a bitchin' support system of friends and others who care about me. 
  • I'm grateful to be alive!
Oh, and side note: I have my next tattoo all planned out. OMG, stoked! 

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