negative Nellie

Sometimes I just have to be negative in order to see all the positives. Today I don't feel like being grateful (yet) so I'm gonna go on a rant. Excuse my negativity and blahness for a day. :]
  • i hate that my feet are freezing cold because i chose to wear flip flops. 
  • i hate that i'm wearing a disgusting long sleeve trucker shirt under my equally disgusting depot gas station shirt. haha 
  • i hate that i don't get to see Joey more.
  • i hate that it's gonna start snowing. i effing hate snow. a lot. 
  • i hate that i am going to miss some basketball games because i get to go to group.
  • i hate that my cat bites me and it hurts. the scratching is getting old, too.
  • i hate that i have 6 months sober. sometimes i believe that drinking would make my life a lot cooler...and by that i mean i wouldn't have to feel shitty things. 
  • i hate that i suck at being spiritual. not my strong point in life.
  • i hate that i don't have a car.
  • i hate that i have bills.
  • i hate that my job is repetitive and at times (mostly) boring and lonely.
  • i hate that my grandpa is doing chemo. 
  • i hate that i love a girl who i can't be with. 
  • i hate that i love girls? 
  • i hate that sometimes i really believe that i'm gonna go to hell for being me. how lame.
  • i hate that i don't have a cool phone like everyone else and their dog. 
  • i hate that i don't have a dishwasher.
  • i hate that my apartment is either freezing or boiling. no middle ground up in there.
  • i hate that i'm a whiny little biotch tonight, sorryyyyyyyy.
  • i hate that i'd rather sleep than do most anything else.
  • i hate that i'm not in school. 
  • i hate that i live in cedar city. i need change!
  • i hate that i am tired all the time. 
  • i hate that i can't afford insurance. 
  • i hate that i'm too lazy to go running.
  • i hate that my iPod has a sun spot right in the middle of the screen. 
  • i hate that i have more zits today than i ever did as a teenager. wth
  • i hate that sometimes life just isn't fair.
  • i hate that people die.
  • i hate that my toenail polish is looking pretty worn out....
  • i hate that i don't own winter clothes anymore. whoops
  • i hate that i'm not doing anything for halloween. not one thing...except sleep.
  • i hate that drinking still sounds more appealing than not most of the time. 
  • i hate that my sponsor is too nice to me. 
  • i hate that make-up is so expensive.
  • i hate that i really am having to try really hard to come up with shit for this list and it's getting a little ridiculous now...


  1. hi pumpkin, i hope you know I love you.

    Also, sometimes you do have to be negative to see everything else. Its called being a person. But I want you to know I am proud of you. Every day. I love you with all my heart.