TGIF gratitude list...

  • Today is Friday!!! I love the weekends...even if I work a lot and stuff. 
  • My kitten just melts my heart. I love him so much. And to think someone just abandoned him makes me wanna freak out..but instead, I'll just love the shit out of Calv. He's so sweet.
  • My dad. :) He always remembers stuff like "5 months sober" and stuff. Even when I forget, he always remembers. I'm very grateful for that. And for him. He's my hero. I love you, Dad. 
  • My grandparents. Tannie brought them to see my new pad today. :) Grateful they are in my life. 
  • AA/NA- I went to a meeting tonight, just because. I got to see that my life is pretty damn good. I'm grateful for all the people I've met in the fellowship and that I have a great support system. 
  • My house. It's cute and cozy. I'm happy that I get to live there. Awesome!
  • I have a job! wahoooo. 
  • My life is pretty damn good today. I'm grateful for all of it. For realz.

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