hump day.

  • grateful for friends.
  • grateful for being able to talk about how i'm feeling instead of getting drunk over stupid, petty shit. i would have been wasted today had it not been for some good friends. thanks Ape and Jordan. 
  • grateful for the ability to be rational (i try, anyway)
  • grateful that i got to go to lunch with dad
  • grateful for shit that doesn't go my way. spices life up a bit.
  • grateful that i get to work a 12 hour shift. extra hours=happy paycheck 
  • grateful for the rain. seems fitting for today.
  • grateful that JR's sells cup o' noodles. and for only 90 cents. what a steal!
  • grateful for the donut that i ate. maybe it had been sitting out for 12 hours. and maybe i just don't give a shit. 
  • grateful for calv. he really makes my day.
  • grateful that i get to sleep in 10 hours. cannot wait. so tired. 
  • grateful for horizon house. and all the amazing people i get to hang out with now because of it.
  • grateful for hope.
  • grateful that Jazz is back in town. my house was getting lonely.
  • grateful i got to hug joey today. :)
  • grateful for forgiveness. 
  • grateful for love.

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