Day Off begins in 7.5 hours!

  • I am grateful for my fam. For realz. 
  • I'm grateful for Calv. He slept all day with me and didn't bit my head off. Yay. 
  • I am grateful for Joey and Dad. When they picked me up today they were both in full costume. Ha. Best thing ever. Batman and Billy Bob = awesome.
  • I am grateful for vitamins. I swear they are making me feel better. I have been popping Airborne like it ain't no thang. Yum. 
  • I'm grateful that I don't have to work on Monday night. yayyy. 
  • I'm grateful that I get to play with Britt tomorrow night. Dinner, scrab, and anything else we wanna do. 
  • I'm grateful for Netflix. And mostly I'm grateful it's free for a month. woot.

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