Finally, it's Friday!

  • I'm grateful that I got to have breakfast with Enna yesterday. 
  • I'm grateful that I go to go to HHW and carve some pumpkins, eat some delicious food, and most importantly, hang out with some pretty rad women. 
  • I'm grateful that I have a job. And also grateful that my boss is giving me lots of hours. Thanks Kurt Kurt. 
  • I'm grateful that my grandma taught me how to crochet when I was a wee little gal...seriously, she taught me when I was like 5. Now that takes a lot of patience. My grandma rocks. 
  • I'm grateful that my grandma thought of me last night. I need to spend more time with her. I haven't been good at that the last few years (big surprise), but I really miss her. 
  • I'm grateful for Joey. Always. :)
  • I'm grateful for Sof Kat. She's such an amazing person.
  • I'm grateful that my dad bought himself a car. Furreal, it's about damn time, Dad. ;) 
  • I'm grateful that I have gum because I really like it. 
  • I'm grateful that the effing nasty trucker that asks me to rub his back finally left. Thank you, HP. Furreal.
  • I'm grateful that I'm watching a lifetime movie on Hulu.com. Awesome. 
  • I'm grateful that the milk man knows my name and is always super friendly and not creepy. He has a great attitude for such a shitty job (in my opinion). Who really wants to wake up at 2am to deliver milk to a truck stop? He's a pretty cool guy.
  • I'm grateful for my dad. 
  • I'm grateful to be alive.

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