wigga wednesday

  • i'm grateful for the 7am and the noon AA meetings. they've saved my ass this week. xoxo
  • i'm grateful for all the people in AA that i've met. amazing people.
  • i'm grateful that i get to spend time with grandpa for a minute at the hospital today.
  • i'm graetful that i get to go learn about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on Friday. cool.
  • i'm grateful that i got to get a few extra hours of work in tonight and that i got to listen to my ipod and stock the cooler the whole time. <3
  • i'm grateful for the broccoli soup i'm still eating 3 weeks after making it. frozen soup in small baggies is amazing. 
  • i'm grateful that i still have enough food to last me another paycheck. i stoked up good at the beginning of the month and it's lasting a long time. wahooo.
  • i'm grateful for calv even though he clawed my eyeball today. ouch.
  • i'm grateful for wonderful friends and family.
  • i'm grateful that lagoon is coming up. i'm looking for AA meetings up that way, too.
  • i'm grateful for Joey.
  • i'm grateful for tissues. i can't take cold/allergy medicine. i'll take whatever i can get. i'd kill to be able to take some Nyquil right now...just sayin.
  • i'm grateful that i get paid tomorrow. i need to buy some warm clothes. and a lagoon ticket. and pay my bills, of course.
  • i'm grateful for love. love love love.

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