sunday, again...

  • i'm grateful that i woke up to go to the mentor meeting. it was rough to get outta bed, but it was good to be there.
  • i'm grateful that the afghan i'm making is almost complete. i'm gonna try selling them on etsy...wish me luck. 
  • i'm grateful that i have a job that i can watch movies and crochet. haha
  • i'm grateful that i get to see my gramps tomorrow. 
  • i'm grateful that i got to go to Sunday dinner at my parents house.
  • i'm grateful that i'll have a car tomorrow so i can go to the noon AA meeting. 
  • i'm grateful that i woke up in time to do the dishes. they were buggin'. 
  • i'm grateful that i get to see Joey nearly everyday. he picked me up from work this morning with my dad. he was sporting a sideways CHS hat and a baller outfit. what more could a girl ask for? 
  • i'm grateful that i can drink coffee. i hate it, but if i can't have energy drinks it's better than nothing...
  • i'm grateful that Britt came and visited me at work for like 6 hours of my 14 hour shift. yay.
  • i'm grateful that Jordan brought us donuts. how thoughtful. :)
  • i'm grateful that i'm going to get to run the 5k in St. George for the breast cancer fundraiser with April on Saturday. 
  • i'm grateful to have my life. yay

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