Weekend bliss

This weekend was so much fun and much needed.

1. Went to SLC with my bestie. Hit up gay pride for like ten minutes and it was sorta lame unless you were drunk...so we went to lagoon!! Sooo much fun. :)) We drive up and back in the same day so we'd have all of Sunday to get things done.

2. On Sunday I woke up early to go see Joey since he got home from Florida late Saturday night. I love him so much.
3. Went on a 3 mile bike ride.
4. Went to the Sunday morning AA meeting.
5. Lunch with the fam.
6. Mentor meeting.
7. Fixed a screen on my window and got some fans going so I don't melt in my house...well, my dad did that anyway ;)
8. Back at work now and ready for a new week!

Having the weekend off was wonderful. I feel like I got a lot done and I had tons of fun!

Here's to a kick ass week!

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