No zzz's for meeee

It's currently 6am on Saturday morning. I have been awake since about Thursday at 4pm. I did, however get one short cat nap with Calv mixed in there. 

I'm tired, I'm hungry, and i haven't washed my hair since Thursday. Gross. 

Today when I get off work in about 1.5 hours, I get to run home and shower and then head out to the fabulous car wash we're doing to raise money for Sub-for-Santa and free Thanksgiving dinner. Hooray. I can't say I wouldn't rather sleep right now, however, I know if I miss it because I'm sleeping I'll regret it later. Darn, I hate that. So...I'm not going to sleep and I'm gonna rock this car wash. 

Yesterday was a great day. 
  • therapy session at the truck stop (i wasn't being the therapist this time, either). i wasn't even on shift. weird.
  • spiritual hike with the women at HHW. it was supposed to be spiritual, but no one was feelin' it, so we just talked and laughed. it was a lot of fun!
  • mowed gma and gpa's lawn <3 got to say hi to them. 
  • cuddled with Calv for a crazy amount of time. 
  • tried to made an "UP" cake for April's b-day.
Nothing fabulous, just lots of really little things that added up.

Plus a great surprise when I was heading home to sleep before work (which didn't happen)- Jordan and Britt showed up and we got to visit for a while. It was nice to see them. 

AND, I got a phone call from my handsome brother!

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