Happy list

I have lots to be happy about and I don't wanna forget it. Plus, sometimes when I'm in a shitty place it's nice to be able to read these lists and remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for these days. 

  • Even though my bro is in Florida for a few days, I get to talk to him at least once a day. Phones are pretty stellar. I can always count on Joey Buffalo Decker to cheer me up...
  • I've been going through old photographs that my parents have at their house and scanning them so that I'll have them. Looking at all the cute pictures has really made me realize how lucky I am. Here's a few:

Dad and Jill
Buddy, me, Dad, Anne


Papa and Jill

Anne, Dad, me, Buddy
Dad reading to me
Grandpa & Jill
Dad and Jill

*I'll post some of my mom and grandma's soon. :) 

  • I'm very grateful for my dad. He's always been my hero and the person I look up to. I love all of the pictures that I have with him... Unfortunately, we don't have many photos together in the last 10 years...I need to work on that! 
  • I'm grateful for both of my grandpas. They are two of the coolest guys I know and I'm so grateful that I've gotten to spend this much of my life with them. 
  • Sunshine! It has been absolutely perfect outside! I love warm weather and I'm stoked for summer. 
  • Calvie. I just love him so much and I'm glad he's mine. :)
  • New friends & old friends. I love it when "new" friends seem more like "old" friends because it just seems so natural. 
  • Road trips! 
  • Reading a good book. 
  • Diet Coke with Vanilla- WOW Wednesday with April. 
  • cooking, baking, etc. I am not exactly good at it, but I enjoy it. 
  • Clean house. 
  • Clean sheets. 
  • Clean laundry. Yumm
  • music.
  • sleeping in
  • writing letters/receiving letters :)
  • talking on the phone to friends who don't live near. I gotta be better about this one. 
  • watching a good movie, cuddled up in bed...with Calv. 

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