the coma has ended...

Yesterday (Saturday) after work I got to go do a "car wash" to raise money for the free Thanksgiving dinner and Sub for Santa that we do for the Mentor program. We raised about $400.00 (between two locations) and spent about 6 hours washing cars/hanging out. By the time I got home at 2pm I was beat. I didn't even shower before I got in bed...gag. 

I slept...and slept. I didn't get out of bed until 6am on Sunday. ha ha...and then I felt like I was hungover, so I slept some more. 

I did make it to the 11am AA meeting and that was much needed. Then I got to see April for her birthday and then another meeting. 

Then I slept again until work. And here I am...tired as hell. I guess I'll be spending Monday in my bed, too! :) 

Thanks to everyone who came and supported our car wash! We'll have more where that came from, I'm sure. 

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